Find Your Voice

At Alize's School of Singing our one to one lessons cater for students of all abilities and levels starting from the age of 8+. Working with our highly trained singing teachers, our students are introduced to singing in a fun, positive and enjoyable environment.

What's Involved

Alize’s School of Singing is where young singers and aspiring vocalists go to learn the foundations of singing  such as correct breathing, vocal technique, self expression and posture.
Our expert singing teachers help guide beginner singers through the early stages of vocal progression, assisting with pitch training, developing timbre and keeping steady tempo.

About Each Class

These classes are open to ages 8+. Whether you are looking to improve your vocal skills or just sing for fun, we will create a programme tailored specifically to your needs.

  • One to One classes are open to boys and girls aged 8 – 18 years
  • One 30 minute class per week
  • No performing experience needed


All students are given the opportunity to perform in live shows and events throughout the year. We encourage live performing as it helps the student build confidence and promotes creative thinking and self expression. Performing can also sharpen and boost practical and improvisation skills.

Singing Exams

Grade Exams

Students who attend one to one lessons have the option of taking their singing grade with the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM). These exams are very enjoyable as they contain a selection of chart topping pop songs and fun theatre pieces.  Exams can be an opportunity to measure progress, concentrate on technique and stay motivated to practice.

Junior and Leaving Certificate Exams

We also work with students to prepare them for their Junior and Leaving Cert practical exams.


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