Learn Together

This is exactly what it sounds like, learn to sing with a friend, sibling or parent! Sometimes singing lessons can be a little daunting for new members, that is why we have created the 'Learn with a Friend' class.

What's Involved

How fun would it be to learn with a friend or sibling?

Are you looking for a new hobby? Then grab your pal and bring them along.

Or maybe a parent would like to try a new activity with their child. What a lovely bonding experience that would be!

In these classes you will learn the same elements as a one to one class. You will learn the foundations of singing such as correct breathing, vocal technique, self expression and posture.

The bonus to this class is that you will get to sing duets with your chosen buddy and learn how to create and sing in harmony!

About Each Class

  • Each class is 30 minutes
  • One lesson per week
  • 2-3 students per class
  • No musical knowledge or previous experience necessary
  • Open to all ages  – kids, teens, adults!

We cover all genres of music from pop to rock, musical theatre to jazz, funk, folk and more!

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