Learn Together

Music Buddy Classes are a great opportunity for children who may be nervous about learning music to take part in a class with the support of a friend or family member. These classes will be returning in September, providing an ideal opportunity for children to learn and grow in a fun and supportive environment. With the help of their buddies, children will have the chance to explore different musical instruments, learn new skills and techniques, and build their confidence.

Benefits Of Learning With A Buddy

Learning with a buddy has numerous benefits, especially for those who are nervous or anxious about trying something new. In music classes, having a friend or family member by their side can provide support and encouragement, making the learning experience more enjoyable. Buddies can also motivate each other to practice outside of class and share their progress with one another. Additionally, learning with a buddy can enhance communication skills and strengthen relationships between friends or family members.

Buddy classes can be incorporated into any of the music lessons we offer. For more information get in touch