Learning Together

In these exciting 30 minute weekly classes, students will be introduced to healthy vocal technique through breathing, vocal exercises and fun group games. These classes encourage students to learn from each other, support each other, learn to harmonise and enjoy music together all through their favourite songs.

Benefits of Group Singing

Group singing classes are a great way for children and teens to develop their vocal and musical skills. Singing in a group helps build confidence, teamwork, and communication skills. It also encourages social interaction and can help children and teens make new friends who share similar interests.

In addition to these social benefits, group singing classes can also improve physical health by promoting deep breathing and better posture. Singing has been shown to reduce stress levels and increase feelings of happiness, making it an excellent way for children and teens to manage their emotions

Musically, group singing classes help children develop their ear training skills, learn about harmony, rhythm, melody, tone quality, and phrasing. Group singing classes can also introduce them to different genres of music that they may not have otherwise encountered.

Overall, group singing classes provide a fun environment for children and teens to develop their musical abilities while also gaining important social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

About Each Class

Group singing classes are a fun and engaging way for children and teenagers to learn the fundamentals of singing. In these classes, students will learn how to use their voice effectively, develop their pitch and rhythm, and improve their overall performance skills.

Group classes are open to boys and girls aged 4 – 18 year. All classes are 30 minutes with a  maximum 7 students per class.

Students will also have the opportunity to perform at events and concerts throughout the year

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