Learning Together

In these exciting 30 minute weekly classes, students will be introduced to healthy vocal technique through breathing, vocal exercises and fun group games. These classes encourage students to learn from each other, support each other, learn to harmonise and enjoy music together all through their favourite songs.

What's Involved

Each class covers the basic singing techniques, warm ups and exercises. Students also have the opportunity to sing solo in front of their peers if they wish, this is a great way to build confidence and work through any performance anxiety.

All students are given the opportunity to perform at live shows throughout the year. This gives students a goal to focus on as they prepare, this in turn motivates them to practice at home. In addition, students will be taught how to use a microphone and the techniques involved as well developing stage presence.

About Each Class

  • Group classes are open to boys and girls aged 4 – 13
  • Maximum 6-7 students per class
  • One 30 minute class per week
  • No performing experience needed

Little Rock Stars

This class is an introduction to music for the ages of 4-6 years.

Our Little Rock Star classes are designed to promote joy, fun, and active engagement. Through  singing, rhythmic exploration, movement and games we help children discover music, learn to keep the beat, and develop their imagination and creativity. An ideal introduction of music to young children in a fun and welcoming environment!

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