Founded by Alize Comerford in 2013, Alize's School of Singing is is a privately owned popular and theatre singing school based in Danville Business Park, Kilkenny, offering vocal tuition online and in person.

What's it all About?

Our extensively developed courses combine on-stage and off-stage rehearsals and performances. Our goal is to develop self-confidence in solo and group environments, and to improve abilities through classroom learning and live performances.

We firmly believe that the skills cultivated in singing and performance provide people with a powerful platform to connect with the world. Although our courses provide continuous learning outside the school, our central belief is to ensure that our students enjoy their classes and have fun.

Something for Everyone

All ages and skill levels are welcome; from tots to adults. Whether you are starting out on your musical journey or  returning to the performing scene we are here to guide you along your way.

We offer the following classes: